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Harley M Storey Coach Profile

Harley brings a background rich in life experience and significant achievements in the corporate world to his coaching career.

As a highly skilled Life and Career Coach, Harley's focus is on helping others achieve greatness by drawing upon their inner strengths, abilities and previous achievements.

Discover Your Calling & Career® Coaching Program.

Harley has been a qualified Life Coach for over fifteen years.

However, early into his life coaching career, Harley noticed that many clients were coming to him for advice on their career.

Harley saw that there was a great need for a Career Coaching program that would help his clients identify their unique skills and abilities, without blindly informing his clients what roles they would be best suited to, or as a result of the varied and sometimes random results "spat out" of an online computer program.

After reviewing programs from around the coaching world, he was not able to find a career coaching program that he felt was foolproof enough to guarantee success, so he spent five years developing the Paradigms Discover Your Calling & Career® Coaching Program.

The 4 C's: Confusion, Clarity, Confidence & Commitment.

We take you from career Confusion about which role you would be happiest, most satisfied and fulfilled doing to career Clarity.

And career Clarity gives you the Confidence to Commit to a career!

Harley has used this program to great success with clients for over ten years, you can read Career Coaching Testimonials here.

Harley's Coaching Style.

Harley enjoys an excellent rapport with his clients, and uses his natural ability with people to help them reveal and develop their potential.

He has a track record of building highly successful and effective relationships with others and contributing to society in a diverse way, through both commercial interests and voluntary work.

His coaching style is outcome oriented, with strengths in urging people towards excellence.

He has mastered the art of the coaching conversation to assist his clients to achieve highly effective results, enabling them to move forward quickly and effortlessly.

He values professionalism and integrity and works to maintain exceedingly high standards in his life and work.

He is a master of "Strategic Thinking" and helps his clients achieve balance in their work and life through the use of this modality.

He encourages clients to go beyond positive thinking, "positive thinking on its own will not produce meaningful life change, it needs to be allied with an increase in awareness and changes in action in order to produce new outcomes."

Following a lifetime of interest in developing human potential, Harley chose to pursue a coaching qualification graduating with A.C.E in Coach Education.

He is the Managing Director and Principal Coach of Paradigms Life Coaching Ltd.

Harley's style is focused and consultative, with a natural ability to help his clients clearly articulate their "Dream Job" and then begin to move toward landing it.

His clients appreciate his calm, thoughtful and compassionate approach and he is respected within the Coaching industry for his high standards of professionalism and integrity.


If you would like to know more about how Harley can help you find the role you would love to be doing, contact him for a free initial consultation.

Harley M Storey
Life Coach, Managing Director