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How do you discover your Dream Job?

Imagine you have won Lotto and you never have to work again - what an awesome thought!

Your Dream job is the job you would do even if you weren't getting paid for it.

Career Coaching can help you discover your "Dream Job."

This is the job where you look forward to going to work on Monday morning and your job doesn't feel like work because it's what you love doing!

What Is "Success?"

Who do you consider to be a successful person?

The best definition of success I have heard is;

"A success is someone who is doing the job they want to be doing."

A garbage recycler is a success if that is what they want to be doing, but a rocket scientist is not a success if they would rather be a market gardener!

Studies have shown that about 75% of people are 'moderately dissatisfied' to 'very unfulfilled' with their work.

Read more about our Discover Your Calling & Career Program® by expanding the sections below.

You can also take a look at our clients career coaching testimonials on the bottom of our Testimonials page.

The Monday Morning Blues (M.M.B) symptoms - a long face, job dread and general crankiness - arise at about 8am on Monday morning, although in extreme cases, the Monday Morning Blues can strike on Sunday afternoon!

To determine your susceptibility to the M.M.B's, check out this quiz.

Each "Yes" answer is one point.

    1. I enjoy what I do and speak of my work positively

    2. I like my Manager and my work colleagues

    3. I receive regular feedback about how I'm doing

    4. I feel empowered to do my job the way I feel is best

    5. I feel supported, appreciated and recognized

    6. I have training options open to me

    7. I feel I am good at what I do

    8. I believe my work is meaningful

    9. I feel I am paid fairly

    10. I look forward to going to work on Monday

7-10 Points

It sounds like you are generally happy with your work and work environment.

3-6 Points

You sound dissatisfied with certain aspects of your job and career.

What could you do to change or improve your "No" questions?

0-2 Points

You are very dissatisfied with your working situation.

Would you be happier in another job?

Are you working in the place that makes the best use of your unique talents and abilities?

Recruitment consultants are great when you know which job you want and which industry you want to work in.

But if you aren't sure about what job you want, career coaching can help you align your values and life goals with the industry and career for which you are ideally suited.

Using tools such as values identification and job profiling, a qualified Career Coach will help you:

* define what is most important to you

* determine what job will make the best use of your unique skills and ability,

* identify what elements you enjoy in your current work, and provide feedback and support as you explore other options.

Clients who seek career coaching fall into one of three general categories:

The Career Curious - who are curious about a change in career and would like some options to consider and someone to act as a sounding board to talk things over with.

The Job Restless - who are looking to change their job, often to a similar role in related industry.

Clients seeking a Career Calling - these people want to discover their calling. They want their work to be their passion and to be "turned on" by what they do.

Our approach to coaching clients in each of these groups is slightly different.

1. For the Career Curious we talk about what you like and don't like about your current and past jobs.

We do brainstorming and visioning.

2. For The Job Restless we use tools which reveal the skills you enjoy using and examine the interface between the jobs you would like to do and your personal strengths and skills.

For many clients who are bored or unchallenged, the answer may be to stay with their current employer but in a new or expanded role.

Because just as it can be extremely stressful to do a job which is too demanding and which you are not suited for, it can also be extremely stressful being in a job that does not stretch you at all and represents no challenge or potential for learning or growth.

3. For clients that are interested in discovering their Career Calling, we use holistic tools, which help bring the whole of their life into clearer focus and help them clarify what they really want to do with their life.

This way they will find work that fulfils their passion for meaningful work and engages both their heart and their head.

With all of these clients, we provide support and a sounding board for fresh ideas as you explore new options for your working life at a time and a pace that you decide on.

Do you long for a job that makes use of your unique skills, talents and abilities?

You have heard about the "x factor" - but do you know your Z Factors®?

Your Z Factors® are your unique Skills, Career Passions® & Career Values® that only you can bring to an organization.

Understanding your Z Factors® means you know what motivates you, what you are best at, and what values you hold in relation to your work.

Once you are aware of how you can uniquely contribute and what you do best, you can focus on a job where that's what you do!

An important component of your Z Factors® is identifying your Career Values®.

A job that fits your Career Values® will be one you will feel happy and fulfilled doing.

Conversely, if you are in a job that conflicts with your Career Values® you will be unhappy and frustrated.

For example, if working in a large team is a core career value for you, then running your own business from home by yourself is probably not for you.

If you don't enjoy customer contact then selling cars will not suit you - but running your own vineyard may appeal?

Knowing your Career Values® saves you a great deal of time and hassle by eliminating jobs you will not be happy doing and zeroing in on the jobs that you are uniquely suited for!

You are unique.

No one else has your unique mix of experience, skills and ability!

So in our Discover Your Calling & Career Program® there is no cookie cutter approach.

We help you discover your Career Clues - like jigsaw pieces - which when put together into a complete Job Jigsaw®, reveal the jobs you will be happiest doing!

It is jam packed full of fun, unique and exclusive tools so you can;

  • Identify what you are best at and the skills you enjoy using
  • Find the job options best suited to you
  • Discover your dream jobs!

We have coached an English teacher into studying Eco City Planning, a customs officer into Valuation, a lawyer pursuing a career in Sports Management, a flight attendant into photography, a bank employee doing a sound degree, etc. as well as those who have decided to remain within the same industry but change their role within it.

An outline of the 7 Modules in the Discover Your Calling & Career Program® program are below.

Asking yourself these three questions can help you decide if you could benefit from some career coaching.

1. If you stay where you are now, where will you be in 5, 10 or 20 years time?

2. Would you like to know what role and industry would make full use of your unique talents and potential?

3. Would you like to discover what you are 'meant' to be doing?

Discover Your Calling & Career® Program Video

Discover Your Calling & Career Coaching 500

Coaching Modules

Our Discover Your Calling & Career Program® consists of seven modules, which include:

1 - Identifying Career Clues®, introducing The Job Jigsaw®

2 - Skills Inventory® List

3 - Career Values®

4 - Vocation Passions®, Job Brainstorm®

5 - Job Criteria Cards®, Job Score Sheet®

6 - Job Elements®

7 - Finding Your Dream Job®, Making It Happen

At the conclusion of the coaching, we proceed to Career Exploration and specific Job Searches.

Career Coaching helps you discover your Career Clues® - like Jigsaw Pieces, which when put together into a complete Jigsaw, reveal the Work and the Roles you would be happiest, most satisfied and fulfilled doing!

In the drop down menu's below is a brief description of each Module.

Career Clues® are found in:

Career Values® - "Who am I at work?" - what's important to you in your work

Career Passions® - "What do I like doing?" - what you are passionate about and the tasks you enjoy in your work

Discovering the elements of your Dream Job® (the one you would do for free)

Identifying the skills you enjoy using, the elements in your past achievements and identifying what you enjoy doing.

Common Career Clues® are:

Autonomy - being able to direct and control your own tasks

Mastery - being good at what you do

Purpose - "believing" in your work, and doing work you find meaningful.

Module 2's Tools are:

  • Life Priorities
  • 20 Career Questionnaire
  • Life Information contains career clues in the form of life questions.
  • Life Achievements List
  • Asset, Skills & Strengths Inventory
  • Ideal Working Life

The Career Values Tool® identifies what's important to you in your work and answers the question "Who am I at work?"

Job Jigsaw®

In Module 3 you combine your current Job Jigsaw with your Career Values to create a new Job Jigsaw.

Questionnaire: The questionnaire is 10 Career Points to Ponder.

The Career Passions Tool® answers the question "What do I like doing?"

Exercise: 900 Job Possibilities!

Career & Job Mapping Tool adds to the list of jobs we have come up with.

Job Criteria and Career Clues® are compiled to score your Job Options using our exclusive Discover Your Calling & Career® Program software.

Identifying your Skills, Strengths & Interests®, your important Job Elements® and Job Profile®.

The Job Decisions Tool® to help you decide "where to next?"

Discover & Your Dream Job® tools!

Discovering How to Create Your Dream Life®.

How to Make it Happen!®

Cover Letter, CV Tips and Interview Questions Tools®

If you would like to know more about how Career Coaching can help you find the work you would love to be doing, contact us for a free initial consultation!

Harley M Storey
Life Coach, Managing Director